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Sunrise at 31st St Harbor

There are few things that are more stunning than a sunrise. The light is soft and an array of red, orange, and pink beam out of the horizon. Blue appears shortly after. Clouds might roll by gray and heavy or white and as thin as a whisper.

Royal Pigeon Yoga SUP Yoga in Chicago 31st St Harbor

SUP Yoga at 9am on Saturdays- 31st St Harbor

The orange, red, and pink start to fade and the lake and sky cool in deep blue, green, or gray hues. The mornings are quiet and you can hear the molecules move as paddles and paddleboards wade through the water.

Royal Pigeon Yoga SUP Yoga Chicago

SUP Yoga at 31st St Harbor

By mid-day the heat burns and seagulls chatter like teenage girls at a slumber party. The boats move across the aisles and out towards the lake. Music booms and vibrates throughout the harbor. People line up at the food truck and bar; children play in the pool and the sound of summer is full.

SUP Yoga 630pm Weekday Class at 31st St Harbor

SUP Yoga 630pm Weekday Class at 31st St Harbor

As the sun begins to sink under the skyline of tall trees all movement starts to slow. Most of the boats will have returned. Families enjoy the sunset and quiet slowly creeps back into 31st St Harbor. Warm hues burn over the horizon and turn to pink and purple. The water starts to still and the last class comes down from inversions and into a peaceful savasana.