What to Know Before Class

General Information

You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Most people wear a bathing suit under a t-shirt and gym shorts or yoga clothes. The weather plays a big factor so make sure to bring a change of clothes in case you fall in and/or layers in the event of weather fluctuations.


Directions and Parking

For classes at 31st St Harbor

If you are driving, taking a taxi, or using an Uber- enter 31st St Harbor or 31st St Beach into the Google Maps search bar. These directions will take you to our location. You will have to walk about 15 minutes once you arrive at the beach. Follow the harbor path south (away from the city).  Class is launched inside slip gate J-K-L.

You can park at 31st St starting at $2/hr. Public parking is alongside the Lakefront trail. After parking follow the trail to the beach and then you will see the harbor. Follow the boats south along harbor all the way down to the loading dock. Go around the bend; you will see kayaks, jet skis, and a pool area. Class is launched inside slip gate J-K-L.

Royal Pigeon Yoga is partnered up with Chicago Water Sport Rental so you can follow any signs you see for them.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 15-20 minutes early in the event that you have to park further away.

Our physical address is: 3155 S Lake Shore Dr., Chicago IL 60616 (please do not enter this into any map app or ride share app as it has led some students to be dropped off on Lake Shore Drive which is very DANGEROUS).


Cancellation Policy
(includes weather related cancellation)

You have up to 12 hours prior to your class start time to cancel. Cancellations after this will cost a lesson or pass on your class pass.

In the event of bad weather, you will be notified 90 minutes prior to the lesson via phone, text, or email if a cancellation is necessary.

*Weather related cancellations include but are not limited to:

  • Storms
  • Winds over 15mph
  • Air temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit / 18 degrees Celsius
  • Water temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 degrees Celsius


What do I wear? And, will I fall in?

Most students do not fall in the water unless they’re trying things like headstand, crow pose, and other intermediate-advanced poses for the first time. It’s possible that you may fall in if you become too tense, lose your focus, or do not listen to the instructions provided. There is no guarantee that you won’t fall in so just go with the flow and have a good time. It’s all part of letting go.


What if I’ve never been on a paddleboard before?

You can still do paddleboard yoga! Our policy is: No experience necessary! Each class begins with a short intro and you’ll be guided throughout your entire session on the water. The instructor will help you achieve your true potential for paddleboard yoga. Royal Pigeon Yoga also offers private lessons to help anyone overcome their hesitations.


Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Life jackets are required to be on the paddleboard by IL state law. You will only need to wear it if you cannot swim.

Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.