A Strange Start to Summer

31st St Harbor. Photo by: Jaclynn Kay

By: Jaclynn Kay

If it was a normal time we would be getting set up for our seventh SUP yoga season at 31st St Harbor in Chicago. But, it’s not a normal time. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has destroyed what we thought of as normal life. Businesses across the world are closed, people are learning how to social distance, life as we know it is changing.

We don’t know when or if we will be able to open this year. We are sad but we also are grateful for the amazing six seasons we’ve had. SUP yoga may not be available through Royal Pigeon Yoga but there are other ways to get in touch with nature and infuse your life with zen. Now is one of the best times to explore other studios (not just in Chicago) and types of yoga classes. Below is a short list of yoga outlets that provide great instruction and solid practices that you can take with you wherever you are (outside or in). We hope they will be a helpful resource to you as you navigate through these uncertain times. We are not paid to advertise the below. They are platforms we use and trust.

ALO MOVES– They offer a large variety of yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, sound baths, and fitness classes accessible to ANY level of skill (or lack thereof). If you’re just starting out or super advanced, if you want to flow and dance or have a very structured class, ALO MOVES, has it for you. Click here for more info. NOTE- Alo Moves is currently offering a free seven-day trial. They are also currently offering a discount if you sign up for a year.  

LOVE YOGA SPACE– Love this yoga studio (no pun intended). They’re progressive, inspiring, creative, and they generally give a damn about helping people through yoga. They’re based out of California but now you can stream all of their classes live through Zoom. Click here to check them out and sign up for one of their sessions.

YOGA WITH TIM– If you’re trying to make yoga a habit, click here. This YouTube channel is known for Tim’s “Total Body Yoga Workout Challenges.” They’ll jump-start you right into a yoga practice that targets all areas of the body. Added bonus- he’s got jokes. Stick with it for as many days as you can and notice all of the changes yoga brings to your life.