Sunrises have taught me a few things about beginnings.  They can be hard.  Mostly because the beginning of the day starts by denying the urge to snooze as the 4:30am alarm sounds.  It’s not easy.  If it was, everyone would do it and the quiet of morning would be smashed to death by millions of people going about their business.  No, the magic of a sunrise is a reward for willpower and determination.

As I round the corner of 31st St Beach I’m usually caught off guard by how beautiful the reflection of dawn is on the water.  It’s always as if I’ve seen it for the first time.  The colors are vibrant and the summer air is thick with heat and the smell of some plant I don’t know the name of.  My mind stops thinking, planning, making notes to remember, and rushing from one thing to the next.  The reset sends waves through my body and I feel my shoulders and back relax.  I take deeper breaths and walk along the promenade to SUP Yoga.  I’m aware of myself.  Each step.  Each small sound.  I’m out of my head and it’s completely liberating.

Royal Pigeon Yoga offers sunrise classes twice a week from 6:00-7:00am.  Book your session here or through your Mindbody app on your phone.  This class is suitable for beginners-advanced.