Quote Inspiration: Dare

dare to be and do

Sunrise at 31st St Harbor. Chicago, IL.

There are days where I just want to sleep in and forget about everything that I have to do.  Then, I remember that time is precious and limited.  I force myself to get out of bed and get out into the sunrise.  This time of morning is quiet and stunning.  There’s an energy about it that sets the rest of the day on fire; I am more focused, effective, and efficient.  It’s not the sunrise that necessarily makes this possible.  The fact that I’ve set aside time, just for me, is what makes the difference.  That block of 60-90 minutes that I make my own is invaluable.

Start watching how you spend your time.  Observe it first without judgement.  You’ll start to see a pattern.  In this pattern you will find a time for yourself.  It may not be sunrise but it will be your own.  As you start to tune into your life and what you’re doing with it you’ll find a way to do what you’ve always wanted.  This will ultimately bring happiness to you and everyone around you.