SUP Yoga- Winnetka

SUP Yoga 9am Sundays- LLoyd Beach on Tower Road

SUP Yoga 9am Sundays- Lloyd Beach on Tower Road

Set up starts around 830am. Each board is pulled out of the storage area and onto the beach; each paddle is rested on the deck. The sun shines and the lake nudges the shoreline.


People settle on their boards and start to move with their breath. Limbs lift and muscles stretch. Balance is lost and found. Smiles and concentrated faces come in and out of poses. Everyone is ready for savasana by the end.


Depending on the day and type of class up to 500 calories may be burned in an hour. Replenish energy and hydrate is the mantra of the day.


A practice in mindfulness comes easy before the crowds settle in. The sand under toes. The smoothness of stones and the edges of shells. Sensation through touch, through smell, and through sight.


After relaxing and helping SUP renters there is time for practice and more stand up paddleboarding. The blue and green hues of the lake and sky light up eyes and there is a wish for summer to last forever.


Kids play and parents talk. The waves grow and hit the shore with more force than before. The sun inches its way behind the bluff; shadows start to blanket the beach.

Herschel Supply Co. Lawson Sun Up Beach Tote

Herschel Supply Co. Lawson Sun Up Beach Tote

As the shadows take over the warmth of the sun is lost. People pack up their things and head home for the day.


Up through the bluff and into the sun; it’s time to get back to the city and prepare for the week to come.