Which Mat Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions I get as a yoga instructor is, “What’s the best mat?”  It’s a hard question to answer; there are so many options to choose from. From teaching on different mats to observing students on theirs I’ve been able to narrow it down to three- one for each price range.

$$$- The Liforme Mat

This mat is relatively new to scene. It costs more than most but it’s a great investment if you’re serious about the practice and need help with alignment; which let’s be real- most of us do. It is praised by some of the best in the biz not only for it’s design but also for the texture. The Liforme mat is wonderfully sticky and will help keep those hands and feet in place.

Buy here: Liforme Mat






$$- The Jade “Harmony” Mat

This mat is my favorite. It’s a perfect blend of sticky and soft. As you break in your mat(s) and use it over time it’s important to have at least two things; a texture that won’t cause slippage and a surface that can withstand sweat and friction over and over again. The Jade mat will last years if cleaned regularly and stored properly (roll it up and put it in the corner of your yoga space or in a yoga bag). This mat will smell at first (almost all mats do); if you have sensitivity to odors be sure to air it out or clean a few times prior to your first use.

Buy here: Jade Harmony Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat



$- Wai Lana Yoga Mat

You can find this mat pretty much everywhere, from Target to Amazon. It’s the first one I had; my best friend bought it for me for my birthday. This mat is sticky enough in the beginning but over time will lose a lot of it; especially if you practice hot yoga. In saying this, I’m still attached to the mat and prefer to teach on it; it has survived travel through multiple countries and both 200hr and 500hr teacher training. If you’re looking for something inexpensive that will carry you through a couple of years, this is the mat for you.

Buy here: Wai Lana Yoga Mat


Wai Lana Mat