Zen Trio: June 12th


Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day while yogis recommend finding zen. It’s not always easy to find things that will create those zen vibes so we’ve done the work for you. Below are three things to help inspire, soothe, and awaken your connection to inner peace.


1.) Instagram Inspiration



We love this account because Jessica Amendola has a beautiful, strong practice (both on land and water) and she is a true SUP Yogi entrepreneur bringing SUP yoga to yogis all over the world with her online SUP yoga teacher training.

2.) A Song To Savasana To



This song is the perfect way to float into Savasana or get you to a place of zen. It combines soft, synth vibes that sound like a gentle OM and relaxing waves of water that ebb and flow against your ear drums.


3.) Enhance Your Bath



It may be advertised as a massage oil but this stuff is ahhhhmazing in the bath. It has a gentle fragrance that will soothe your senses and it’s lightweight so it won’t make your bathtub a death trap when you try to get out. For $15 you can have your own #spalife.