North on Sheridan Road


Travel north on Lake Shore Drive. Veer right and ride along Sheridan Road. Find the lighthouse dressed in white and red. Park and take a walk around.


Tucked behind a small patch of lawn you’ll find a trail leading you through black oaks, honey locusts, weeping birches, violets of Evanston breeds, and red baneberries.


The smell of dirt and wildflowers mix with the breeze of Lake Michigan. Around the corners of the lighthouse stand a room with glass panes and an aging door. Ferns try to hide in the shade; others get lightly sunburned by a blazing, summer sun.


The door is locked. The room is filled only with dust and rays of light.


Continue east and walk down the path around the room with square-cut glass. A carved, stone shell pokes out towards a dirt trail leading to the beach.


Grasshoppers jump between green blades of weeds and grass. People line their umbrellas in the sand. Lake Michigan moves west then east along the shore. Children run while white, winged seagulls hover and dive for spilled snacks.

Take it all in and then get back to Sheridan Road. Travel a few more miles north and step onto your paddleboard.


SUP Yoga Class with RPY; Lloyd Beach, Winnetka- Sundays at 9am.