Cocktails and Flowers

Many yogis love to wanderlust as if their life depends on it. Much of that is meeting new people, seeing new places, and eating and drinking somewhere that feels all brand new. But, travel isn’t always an option and in excess it’s bad for the environment. So, this week we’re bringing you a short picture recap of a local restaurant to explore, Machine: Engineered Dining & Drink. It’s a place┬áthat feels new and satiates the wanderlust’er in all of us thanks to its romantic theme, playful cocktails, and floral bar. Below are some of our favorite features.

The Floral Bar– adding color, beauty, and fragrance to a bar. Have an arrangement made at your table or head to the florist counter for a delightful bouquet.

Machine Engineered’s vibe is a mash of Gothic with Victorian Romanticism.

Loved the wheat style celosia tail “feather.”

A bar with carpet lining! YES. Absorbs sound and was oh-so-soft.


And, last but not least, breaking into your drink. It’s oddly satisfying.