Hey, Honduras

Royal Pigeon Yoga Travel Honduras

This is where it all starts for me: 30,000 feet in the air.  The first sight of my destination.  The blue waters beckon. Excitement flares and settles comfortably into the familiar corners of my heart.

Royal Pigeon Yoga Honduras B&B

Roatan Bed and Breakfast – View

In the same line of sight with the trees; looking out and absorbing the vibrancy of a tropical scene.

Royal Pigeon Yoga Honduras B&B view

Roatan Bed and Breakfast – Patio

I capture this moment and think, This could be plan B.

Royal Pigeon Yoga Honduras Beach Front Store

Out on the street and walking along the beach front.  Again…this could be plan B.  There’s an entire hut devoted to selling hammocks.  Life can be this simple, right?