Last Days of the Season

3 leg wheel SUP last day of season dimension Sept 2013

Urdhva Dhanurasana (variation)

Defeat end-of-summer sadness

It’s the end of the season and the weather is showing signs of Fall and Winter.  Summer only has a few days left and there’s a hint of sadness for all the sunshine lovers.  But, as the cold creeps in it gives us time to focus inward and take inventory of things within.  What do we need versus what do we want?  How can we reach our goals and how can we maintain happiness?  As we look inward during the cooler months we may also notice depression.  It’s common for people to feel this during the winter due to the lack of sun.  There are ways to ease this depression, though, and they are found in the form of backbends.  Backbends do more than take us into our future, strengthen muscles and keep the spine flexible.  They also work on the nervous system which helps against depression.