Relax the Day Away


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One of the best things about vacation is of course the vacation part. Sometimes I travel to places and get so caught up in seeing and doing everything that I forget to relax. It was almost effortless to relax in Roatan. The color of the water is calming; the people move at half of the usual city pace. Meals take a while to get and we weren’t in any hurry to rush through them. The local beers were tasty and I fell in love with SalvaVida beer.

The girls and I loved our island excursion at Little French Key. Swimming with the jaguar was amazing of course, but there was so much relaxation to be had: hammocks, paddleboards, ocean, beach, and sun bathing.

SUP Yoga- Supported Headstand


Beer and Paddleboarding Honduras

After a yoga session we used the paddleboards to soak up more sun and then eventually as a traveling mini bar.


Who doesn’t love island life?