RPY Retreat- Antigua, Guatemala

By: Jaclynn Kay

Royal Pigeon Yoga invites you to an old colonial city tucked in a lush landscape. Stay in stylish and inspiring accommodations that make you smile. Live your most elaborate wanderlust daydreams or simply get away from the world (this retreat offers both…it’s that good). Dive into yoga at least twice a day with intentions to challenge and restore the body. Cultivate a practice of mindfulness, compassion, and patience through meditation. Reset the mind and release stress. This retreat holds space for all of the above and provides you with the opportunity and permission to open to a new sense of peace, adventure, and well being.

Our retreats are not your average trips. Everything is curated from the accommodation to restaurants to tours to the yoga sequencing. What you get is an experience of new cultures, a chance to explore parts of yourself that may be hidden or in need of some love, and the opportunity to see the world in a safe, well-organized, and unique way. We are here to guide you and hope you’ll join us on this next, great adventure.

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UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this retreat has been canceled.