Welcome Night- Thailand

The crickets tune their bows for their “Welcome Night,” symphony. A Great Coucal’s hoo hoo hoo rings out creating polyphony. The ocean breeze blows into Villa Suralai through floor-to-ceiling windows that have been rolled back. The heat rises to the top of the pitched roof and only a gentle humidity remains from the sun soaked day. Suralai is perched at the top of the hills just 4km (2.5 miles) away from Bophut Beach. The villa’s infinity pool faces the turquoise sea dotted with mossy green archipelago. The flames of the candles sway in their ivory column of wax on ribbed pillars and the faux walnut credenza. I sit in a low backed couch the color of an elk’s tongue. Something sweet, like Plumeria, threads through the wind’s current and I take a deep breath in and feel intoxicated with the sight and smell of Ko(h) Samui. Night swallows the dusk and the birds tuck into their nests. Only the sound of the crickets remains and it’s time for bed because tomorrow the yoga begins at sunrise.

xoxo, Jaclynn Kay