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BKS Iyengar Quote


What is it that you want most out of life?  Spend a little time reflecting over the past few years.  Can you recall what you wanted three years ago?  Five years ago? Are you close to that?  Has it come and gone?  Did it get lost or forgotten?  As each day passes our lives continuously evolve.  The one thing that we can count on is change.  In the end it doesn’t matter if the change is good or bad; what matters is that you are there to absorb it; learn from it; use it for the future.  Tried and true methods like journaling and meditation are a good way to start but I want to give you a different perspective.  Have you thought of using apps/social media, such as Evernote or Instagram as an archive?  If you’re not into sharing, you can start an alias account with 0 followers.  I like to use some of my personal accounts not only for sharing but as a way to document each day.  It helps reinforce my memories and also sheds a light on patterns in my behavior and activities.  By having something to look back at you can observe trends and begin to plot out obtainable goals that are based on what you’ve learned about your own patterns.  One thing to be mindful of is wasteful time; if social media already consumes hours of your day you may want to stick with a journal and pen.  The objective is to use tools that are already available to you so you may bring more insight and observation into your life without placing judgment or value on it.  These observations are to be treated like cold facts; not something that you praise or beat yourself up over.  If you can learn to observe your life from a place that is free of distracting emotions and egos you will see progress in a way you’ve never imagined.