Yoga Practice…at home!


Clear a Space That Fits Your Mat

A mat is not that big and it’s all the space you need to complete a daily practice.  Even though I have a full room dedicated to it now, I remember when I lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn.  The living room was the largest room and so I made it work.  Move furniture, look for a corner,  or an under-utilized space in a room.  There’s always room somewhere; sometimes you only need the will to to create it…and then it will be so.

Set a time

Setting aside a time will make a difference.  You don’t need to set aside an hour or more.  At first create a 15 minute block in your schedule and break it into three, five minute sections.  You can choose to do pranayama, asana, and meditation or choose three different areas of the body to target and find poses that work.  Stick to this time no matter what!

Find Inspiration

There are so many yoga teachers in the world.  Find yogis you love and follow them.  Whether your yogis are inversion junkies or a flexi-bendi goddesses, let them be your guide.  You don’t have to be able to do anything they can do.  All you need is the drive.  There are steps to build strength and flexibility all over the internet so use your inspiration to fuel a dedicated, patient practice.  Over time you will become your own inspiration and use it to guide others.